Style - Megan Eliza Photography

Fine art wedding and lifestyle photography based out of Salt Lake City, UT.

Welcome to our family photo archive! Feel free to save and share your images with friends & family, but please don't share our personal photos or links to these galleries (on social media or elsewhere). Please double-check with me if in doubt. Thanks!

I love crisp, clean images filled with color, depth, and emotion. I draw inspiration from so many things around me, and from each unique couple in front of me, that it’s hard to box in my photography style with just a few words.


I prefer posing that’s natural and comfortable. I may direct you into placements and positions, but I prefer to then let you interact with each other, letting your expressions and emotions arise spontaneously.


During a wedding ceremony and reception, much of my time is spent with a photojournalistic approach. I observe and anticipate so that I can capture all the emotion that will be present: the smiles, laughs, tears of joy, and embraces that are over so fast. Rather than interrupting these moments for a posed shot, I let them unfold in front of me, so your photos reflect the genuine experience of your day.


Using a mix of lighting styles allows me to create a wide range of images, from dramatic and bold, to subtle and romantic. Although I often use exclusively natural light, I don’t ever want to limit myself based on the weather, location, and time of day. So I love using my own lights as well to create gorgeous lighting in any situation.


Photography is much more than pressing a shutter button, or knowing all the settings on a camera. My goal is to create art that not only represents you, but will be treasured in your family for generations. I am always looking for unique perspectives to shoot from and creative ways to compose your images.

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